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Damián Alcázar (born January 8, 1953 in Jiquilpan, Michoacán, Mexico) is a Mexican actor and politician, who is best known outside of Mexico for portraying Colombian drug lord Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela in the Netflix series Narcos. He was a deputy in the Constituent Assembly of Mexico City.


Bruno Bichir is one of the most talented actors working in current Mexican cinema, theater and television. He comes directly from a family of artists, where all of its five members (his parents and his two older brothers) are as well highly recognized actors and directors. Bruno has worked with some of the most important contemporary filmmakers.

Jose Maria Yazpik is a Mexican actor who rose to fame after starring in the critically acclaimed film ‘The Obscure Spring’. Yazpik has remained a popular actor and has worked in ‘Narcos’, ‘Narcos:Mexico’, ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’, and has directed his hit movie Polvo. 

Antonio started his career as a stills photographer and had his own B&W lab at home, he got his first job as a field photographer working closely with First Nations in Mexico and then in Canada. His career was jumping back and forth from the Czech Republic to the US where he has shot "Last Knights" starring Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen, "The Bachelors" with JK Simmons and Julie Delpy, "Face of Love" with Annette Bening and Ed Harris.

Arguably one of Latin America's widely-known talents, backed by years of remarkable performances in television and film, Alfonso's stardom was first introduced by his leading role in one of the most successful television series in the history of Latin America, "Rebelde". In Television, we can see him on the Netflix Series created by the Wachowski Sisters "Sense8", with an endearing character that grounded the story that challenges the viewer because of it's originality and uniqueness. Simultaneously we can find him playing Father Tomas in the FOX series "The Exorcist", TV Series that continues the story of the iconic 1971 film directed by William Friedkin. He delights us once again with his work in the play "Dead Poets Society", premiere in Latin America of this great Classic.

Jorge Ramírez Suárez is a director and writer, known for Good Day, Ramon (2013), Rabbit on the Moon (2004) and Los inadaptados (2011).




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