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MPIFF 2020

What was shown?

From 11 to 15 September, the MPIFF screened eleven films, including feature films and documentaries, in the Pilotu and Světozor cinemas, some of which were premiered in Europe.

  1. Mamacita , by José Pablo Estrada Torrescano

  2. This is not Berlin, de Hari Sama

  3. National Illusion , by Olallo Rubio

  4. Return to the Origin , by María José Glender de Mucha

  5. Tempestad , by Tatiana Huezo

  6. The Good Girls , by Alejandra Márquez Abella

  7. The nightingale and the night , by Rubén Rojo Aura

  8. Courage , by Janina Möbius

  9. Chicuarotes , by Gael García Bernal

  10. Longing , by Enrique Olvera

  11. Polvo , by José María Yazpik

For their part, the following productions competed for the awards:

  • DOCU + CORTO: Oasis , by Faride Schroeder

    • Awards: Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Director

  • SHORT: The silent life , by J. Genaro Limón

    • Award: Best Actor (Ángel Benítez)

  • DOCU: Dimension Zero , by Sunya Madrigal

    • Award: Best Cinematography (Diego Isham and Sunya Madrigal)

  • SHORT: Changing , by Luis Fernando Flores Galván

  • DOCU: Treasures of the world : wixarikas , by Juan Sebastián López Maas

  • DOCU: Yantar , by Alberto Zúñiga

  • DOCU: The nightingale and the night , by Rubén Rojo Aura


This short is a jewel in terms of aesthetics, history and realization. With pastel tones and panning to the naked bodies of women, Faride Schroeder tells the story of the two confinements that she has lived with her mother: her own gestation and that caused by the current pandemic. But instead of falling into the commonplace of complaint and compunction, Faride views them with appreciation. Without that first confinement, she would not be here; Without this second, the opportunity to live and coexist with her mother would have escaped her.

The turnaround is given by the junction of the two confinements: how does a pregnant woman live the current confinement? So what if the baby was already on time? Faride sneaks into the unlocking of three babies, who are born in the confinement of the maternal and paternal home, to protect all from the viral infection of a possible hospital birth.

The result is a powerful message, a stroke of life, an oasis of light and clarity in these strange times.

The silent life

In Ciudad Juárez, the lives of teenagers Ulises, Manu and Rami take place between parties, alcohol and morras. But something is not right between Ulises and Viri. Her friends want to take her to Mexico City, where life seems more intense; he, on the other hand, has no one to really take care of him.

This short film magnificently portrays the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez, where a presence is felt. Femicides? Life itself? If Oasis was a hymn to motherhood, The Silent Life is a hunk of reality. A father who is always absent, a man who runs away, a woman who does not want to run away, the perennial anxiety that explodes in puffs of smoke, life on the periphery and the periphery of unwanted life.

Zero dimension

To close the clamp, the jury awarded the cinematography of Diego Isham, a talented visual artist with a prodigious portfolio of animation, music videos, photography and even industrial design. Diego photographed the experimental piece Dimensión cero , by Sunya Madrigal.

If Luis Barragán understood architecture as a narrative, where each wall, angle and texture is a paragraph that leads to an outcome, for Sunya it is the stage of dance. Here, dancers gracefully descend from a staircase while a ballerina is made of stone in the opening of a window, as if it were a decorative figure.

The clean and original architecture (Omar and Hugo González Pérez) contrasts in substance and form with the choreography of the Contemporary Dance Company (directed by Laura Martínez Ayala and Abdiel Villaseñor Talavera), thus creating - by force of the contrast between the bare concrete and bodies in motion - a pure harmony, pure harmony.

Original Source: +Cultura

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