Mayan Ritual Theater: Projects the cosmogony, ceremony, and ritual life of the ancient Mayan world, becoming palpable, wrapped in music and sensations.

Exhibition Raramuris: Raramuris is an intimate view at the life of the Raramuris of Chihuahua. It is Alejandro’s last documentary work of Mexico, and the photos were taken during December of 2016, before relocating to Prague.  This is is 6th collection and the first one representing the North of Mexico. Raramuris are well known for their long distance running ability, and one of the most exotic and fascinating cultures of Mexico.

Biography: Alejandro  is a Mexican photographer based in Prague. He was born in Xalapa; however, he grew up in Campeche and resided in more than 15 countries during his youth. He received his first camera from former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, in order to document the events of the Expo Seville 92 and the Barcelona Olympics. He has exposed his photography work in Mexico, Britain, and the Czech Republic. His photography work emcompases documentary, landscape and fashion.




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