Due to COVID-19 Antonello Novellino cannot make it to Prague this year. However, we have been able to update our education section with a Questions & Answer with Antonio Riestra!

Want to learn from the best cinematographers? Meet Antonio Riestra! We bring you a Q&A where you will have the chance to ask about Cinematographer and Photography Director Antonio Riestra about his methodology.

Title: Q&A with Antonio Riestra - Movie: Pa Negre.
Date: September 14, 2020
Time: 11am

Where: Instituto Cervantes Prague
Movie Language: Catalan & Subtitles: English
Q&A Language: English & Spanish

​To reserve your spot in the masterclass, please send your name, country of origin, and date of birth to

Antonio Riestra started his career as a stills photographer and had his own B&W lab at home, he got his first job as a field photographer working closely with First Nations in Mexico and then in Canada. His first assignment in the film industry was a BTS documentary of a Swedish/Danish co-production called "Puma's Daughter". He then worked as a 1st unit loader on "Clear and Present Danger", then started pulling focus on several commercials for Ultrafilms which lead then to him becoming a 1st AC under DP's as Chivo Lubezki, Declan Quinn, John Campbell, Pascal Rabaud, and Rodrigo Prieto who gave him his first try shooting 2nd Unit for him on Frida. His film career as a DOP started in Prague, Czech Republic where he shot "Normal" and was nominated for the Czech Lions. His 2nd film Black Bread earned him a Goya and a Gaudi Academy awards, and then his career was jumping back and forth from the Czech Republic to the US where he has shot "Last Knights" starring Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen, "The Bachelors" with JK Simmons and Julie Delpy, "Face of Love" with Annette Bening and Ed Harris. He is based in Mexico City and LA. He is a member of the ASC, ACK and AEC. As well as IATSE Local 600. He has American and Mexican Citizenship and Long Term Residence in Czechia.


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