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The Mexico Prague International Film Festival (MPIFF) seeks to promote and disseminate the film production of Latin America through the screening of films so that they can access a wider international audience. MPIFF believes that their unique presence in the heart of Europe allows them to nurture cultural integration through unique perspective, emotional interactions and gastronomical experimentation.

MPIFF is a cultural event organized by independent producers who want to bring Latin American cinema to the Czech Republic in order to show a new cinematic vision. With the support of worldwide know actor Damián Alcázar, the festival has had the unique positioning of delivering high quality Mexican visual experiences. 


MPIFF consists of a film exhibition and competition.


1. The film exhibition is a presentation of internationally awarded Mexican feature films.  

2.  Film competition targeted for Latin American citizens. 

3. Education



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Code of conduct

MPIFF is a platform where artists have a chance to connect with a new and wider audience in Europe, inspiring creativity and communication. 

MPIFF is dedicated to provide a harassment-free environment, which is implemented by a no strike policy. Anyone no complying with the code of conduct will be escorted from the premises. MPIFF also reserves the right to ban violators from future events.

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